2017 Garage Door Trends

Happy 2017 from your garage door team on the island! A new year brings with it new trends and ideas. Here we have outlined the top three trends we are seeing for this upcoming year. If you have questions about any of the upcoming trends, services or repairs, don’t hesitate to reach out.

A Pop of Colour

While we are used to seeing the standard white, beige and brown garage doors on many homes, the new trend is moving towards brighter and bolder colours. Homeowners are thinking more about the visual impact of their home as a whole. Part of this trend is driven by the desire to be more unique in neighbourhoods that have very similar housing as a way to express the owner’s individuality. The other reason that we are seeing this shift is the added contribution to curb appeal. By complimenting the overall feel of their home with a bright and colourful garage door, homeowners are allowing the focal point of their home to stand out and make an impression. Remember that it isn’t always easy to choose the perfect accent colour for your garage door. When selecting your new garage door colour, make sure that you also consider the appropriate shade.

Alpha Doors Garage Door Repair Service Nanaimo BC Ladysmith Bright Colours

Bigger and Brighter

Another trend that we are seeing in garage doors is the size. When building new homes or doing renovations, homeowners are opting for larger doors that allow more space for creativity and design. These larger doors also allow for more window and glass to be integrated into the design. More light is perfect for those people wanting to spend time enjoying their hobby on the weekend inside their garage. Beautiful windows included in your garage door can also increase the curb appeal of your home. Overall we are enjoying this aesthetically pleasing change to the trends in garage doors.

Alpha Doors Garage Door Repair Service Nanaimo BC Modern Glass

Choice of Materials

We are seeing the integration of new materials into new garage doors. Homes with a modern feel look beautiful with glass garage doors. This glass can come in many different styles and is truly beneficial for people who enjoy the added light in their garages. Frosted glass provides the privacy you want from an interior space, but still allows a lot of natural light into the space. The other material trend we have continued to see is wood. Styles have changed significantly and we are seeing much more modern wooden garage doors. They are often combined with panes of glass to still allow a significant amount of light to enter the garage.

Your Garage Door Needs in Nanaimo

Alpha Doors has been in the garage door service and repair business for over 20 years. We have seen trends come and go, but the most important thing is to have a reliable, functional garage door. To keep you garage door in good shape, make sure to have it serviced and replace any parts that are damaged. Call today to book your inspection 250-758-7456.

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