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How to Choose the Right Residential Garage Door Company

How to Choose the Right Residential Garage Door Company

As a homeowner, you know that keeping up with the maintenance and repair of your property can be a big challenge. You want to ensure that you have chosen the right tools for the job, but how do you ensure that you have chosen the right company? Doing garage door repairs is dangerous as a DIY project, and you’re better off calling a professional. So how do know that you have chosen the right garage door company? Here is a simple checklist to go through when you choose the company to work on your door.

  1. Reputation
  2. Bigger isn’t Better
  3. Expertise & Experience
  4. Clear Explanation

Garage Door Company Reputation

You want to feel confident in the company you choose to work on your door. Positive reviews on Google and other sites such as Facebook give you a good idea of how the company has performed in the past. The next step is to take a look at their website. Do they have one? Does it look professional? Can you read about the technician that will be visiting your home before he/she gets there? All of these things will help to give you an idea of what the company you are hiring is all about, and whether you can place your trust in them. You can read about Steve, our garage door expert, and give him or Tina a call anytime to get to know them a little better.

Bigger Garage Company, Better Garage Service?

Does size matter? So often we see people choosing a company based on it’s size. The size of a company isn’t an indication of their quality, experience and expertise. Larger companies might be able to provide cheaper pricing, but where are they cutting corners to do so? No matter whether you are sacrificing quality in the product or the installation, Alpha Doors doesn’t want to see you settle for either. We want to ensure that you have a product that is going to stand the test of time because of both the quality of product and service. Bigger isn’t always better, so make sure that you do your research on who you are working with.

Garage Door Repair Company Servicing Nanaimo BCGarage Door Expertise & Experience

Years of experience leads to industry knowledge and expertise. Make sure you pay attention to how long that garage door professional has been in the business in your area. Different environmental factors exist in different areas of the country and someone who has been in business for a long time in your area will understand the specific challenges that your garage door will face with the changing seasons. With 20+ years of experience, Alpha Doors understands the challenges that garage doors in Nanaimo face with the upcoming changes in weather this winter.

Talk the Garage Door Talk

One of the best ways to get an understanding of the garage door professional that you are working with is to check and see if they can simply explain what they are going to do for the service or repair. A true professional will be able to drop the jargon and will take the time to make sure that you clearly understand any of the issues with your garage door. If you feel rushed and brushed off in the explanation, that garage door company may not be the right one for you.

If you want to be sure that you can trust your garage door professional in Nanaimo, contact Steve with Alpha Doors for a promise in service, reputation, expertise and experience. Call Alpha Doors Today (250) 758-7456.

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