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Are Energy Efficient Garage Doors Worth Buying?

Are Energy Efficient Garage Doors Worth Buying?

Technology has made our lives dramatically more efficient and convenient over the past few years and your garage is no exception. Energy-efficient garage doors, light fixtures, and even power tools have all been developed and improved upon.

We touch on one of those, in particular, garage doors and their value. But why should you go energy-efficient in the first place and which garage door offers the best insulation? Get answers to those questions below.

Insulated, Energy-Efficient Garage Doors, Are They Worth Investing In?

Since garages (in general) tend to be quite large, heating and keeping them at a consistent temperature can be challenging. Not only that, basically one entire side of your garage is constantly letting huge amounts of outside air get in—the one with your garage door.

Naturally then, getting a garage door with good insulation makes a lot of sense. This is especially true if you also use your garage for tinkering or working in. Because you’re spending greater amounts of time there, an insulated garage door that’s energy-efficient will ensure that it stays at the perfect temperature for you.

Energy-efficient garage doors also mean that if you park your car in your garage it will also stay at your preferred temperature as well. Subsequently, your car’s oil and battery will also stay warmer meaning your car will have less wear and tear put on it as well.

If you have a room above your garage, having an insulated garage door will also be a benefit. Because heat rises, your garage’s insulated heat will also rise and help prevent the room from being too cold.

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What Garage Doors Have the Best Insulation?

Garage doors come with one of three different types of insulation:

  • Single-layer
  • Double-layer
  • Triple-layer

As you would expect, triple-layer doors provide the best insulation.

However, what the garage door is actually made of also factors into how well it keeps your garage insulated (although not a ton). Steel, aluminum, fibreglass, and vinyl aren’t naturally insulating, but they are common choices for garage doors for their durability and natural properties. That being said, they can provide a high level of insulation when triple-layered and insulated with polyurethane.

Energy-efficient garage doors are a great choice if you can afford them. They provide many benefits that you can reap on a daily basis and help keep down your heating bills as well.



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