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Tips and Tricks for Garage Door Maintenance in the Summer

Tips and Tricks for Garage Door Maintenance in the Summer

While the average garage door today can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years, it is still necessary to perform regular garage door maintenance just as you would on any other major appliance of home equipment. Performing regular maintenance will help to maintain its suggested lifespan and the overall reliability of the garage door.

During the summer, you can take advantage of these easy maintenance tips that are sure to keep your garage door in tip-top shape throughout the seasons.

Garage Door Maintenance: Sunlight

Direct sunlight can hinder the performance of your garage door. More specifically, the performance of your garage door sensors. Basically, these sensors are meant to tell your garage door to go back up when anything runs under your door while it’s closing.

While these sensors can be handy, it can be annoying when the only thing obstructing your door opening is sunlight.

A quick DIY fix can be to make “sun shades” for your sensors. These can be easily made out of paper or cardboard found around your home. If this still doesn’t work, feel free to call your local Nanaimo garage door repair company.

man repairing garage door hinges garage door maintenanceInspecting the Hardware for Garage Door Maintenance

The first and easiest step that you can take on your summer garage door maintenance project is to inspect the hardware for any wear and tear that may have occurred over the year.

This can be done by simply looking over all of the visible parts and noticing if any hinges look loose, if the track seems to be misaligned and if bolts look to be missing. Tighten all visible bolts and replace those that are missing.

By ensuring that all hardware is in proper working order, your garage door is sure to open and close smoothly and without interruption.

Garage Door Maintenance: Lubricating Hardware

Nanaimo humidity can cause a range of issues with the metal parts in your garage door. To combat any damage from humidity, we recommend keeping a garage door lubricant on hand and lubricating your garage door parts once a month.

Ensuring that hardware is lubricated will eliminate loud noises and screeches while opening and closing. Lubricate all hardware and parts of the door with a 3 in 1 type of oil. You should never use grease when lubricating your garage door.

Keeping these vital parts of your garage door lubricated can help prevent damage to your garage door torsion springs and keep garage door rollers from popping of their tracks.

Washing Your Garage Door as part of Garage Door Maintenance

Improve the overall appearance of your garage by washing it during the warm summer months. Washing the door will remove dirt, grease, and grime that has built up over time. Water and a mild household detergent can be used to clean the surface of steel and aluminum doors with ease.

painting garage door garage door maintenanceApplying New Paint as Part of Garage Door Maintenance

After washing your garage door, you may choose to enhance its look by applying a fresh coat of paint. Choose the same colour paint that you already have or create a brand new look on the outside of your home by opting for a new and unique colour that sets it apart from the rest.

Garage Door Maintenance: Insulation

Garage door insulation can be extremely helpful during the summer. By ensuring that your garage door is properly insulated, heat will be kept out and the air conditioning kept in. This can also help to keep the heat out of living spaces that may be located directly above the garage.

Reinforcing Your Garage Door and Garage Door Maintenance

Reinforcing your garage door is ideal for areas that are likely to be hit by hurricanes and other extreme weather conditions. Check to make sure that there are no holes or openings within your garage door and that it is reinforced properly to keep your house safe from harm and damage during storms.

garage door maintenanceTesting Your Garage Door as Part of Regular Garage Door Maintenance

One of the simplest maintenance tests that can be done on your garage door during any time of the year is to simply test out the garage door. Open and close the door to ensure that it is working properly, that nothing seems to be out of place and to ensure that it is not making any strange noises.

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