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Smooth, Quiet, And Powerful Garage Door Opener Types

Smooth, Quiet, And Powerful Garage Door Opener Types

Your garage often isn’t the first area of your home you consider improving, but there are some notable quality-of-life improvements you can make by selecting one of the many garage opener types. It’s nice to come home at the end of a long day and park your car in your garage easily and quickly which is what a good garage door opener can do. We break down some of the main garage door opener types to choose from. 

Garage Door Opener Types: What to Factor in Before You Buy 

Depending on your choice of a garage door opener, some are noisier than others. This is important to factor in if you have bedrooms or any room that you want to be quieter that are next to, below, or above your garage. In these cases, you may want to choose a quieter one. 

Direct or Belt Drive Garage Door Openers 

The best choice if you want quiet garage door operation, these types of openers are the way to go. 

Direct drive garage door openers don’t require a lot of regular maintenance and use a stationary chain in a steel rail. 

Whereas belt drive garage door openers use a steel-reinforced rubber belt which makes operation even quieter than other operators and even more smooth. However, they do require more consistent maintenance in order to consistently maintain this low level of noise.  

Chain Drive Garage Door Openers 

Chain drive openers One of the most common types, but also one of the noisiest due to the bicycle-like chain used in its operation. Some types offer an AC motor over a DC motor which can help reduce the noise. This type also requires regular maintenance for the best operation. 

Screw Drive Garage Door Openers 

This type of opener is perfect for large, wide doors like those used for two-car garages. It uses a threaded rod lift mechanism making it more powerful and typically doesn’t require much maintenance. 

WallMounted Garage Door Openers  

Finally, wall-mounted garage door openers are an excellent choice for people with lower garage ceilings or don’t have the ability to mount them in their garage ceilings. They also offer minimal vibration as well and are relatively quiet.  

Clearly there are many garage door opener types to pick from, which makes it easy to purchase one that’s perfect for your home and your needs. 



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