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Paint Your Garage Door Like a Pro With These Steps

Paint Your Garage Door Like a Pro With These Steps

Your home’s garage door can either be an accent piece or an eyesore depending on how well the colours match your house. This is true of all garage doors, no matter the width of your garage door thickness. So how do you solve this problem?

Painting it of course!

Below are the key steps you need to take in order to have a garage door that looks great and complements your home.

1. Wipe Down and Clean Your Garage Door, No Matter Your Garage Door Thickness

First things first, you need to clean your garage door. Thoroughly. Because it’s constantly exposed to the elements there is a lot of dirt and junk that can build up on the exterior.

Rinse down the outside with a hose (we recommend using a spray nozzle or wand to really get a deep rinse).

Next, use a brush and phosphate trisodium cleaning compound to wash off any additional grime.

Simply rinse it down with a hose once again after that and you’re ready for step two.

2. Sand Down the Door

Of course, if your garage door is made of metal or plastic, this step isn’t relevant. However, if you have a wooden garage door, you will need to sand every part of it.

It will likely be somewhat time-consuming so plan accordingly.

Once you’re done, use a vacuum or brush to wipe off all the sawdust.

Painter painting garage door3. Choose Your Paint and Start Painting

Before you start painting, remember to use painter’s tape around your garage door windows. You wouldn’t want them to be covered in paint.

We recommend using a latex-based paint to help your garage door look the best. Oil-based paints with highlight any flaws or visual imperfections in your door, so avoid using them.

When painting, paint in sections working from the top to bottom since you likely won’t be able to paint the whole door at one time. Just watch for overlaps when painting sections otherwise the overlaps will look very obvious when you’re done.

Wait a day between applying coats and then you’re done!



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