Should I install my garage door myself?

Replacing or fixing your garage door can come up for a variety of reasons, some including: 

  • It gets stuck open or shut 
  • It’s slow to open/close 
  • It’s misaligned 
  • It’s been damaged 
  • It’s noisy 

There are so many forums on the internet discussing whether or not you should install your garage door yourself. The short answer is no. Don’t do it. The materials that are used for creating garage doors are high quality if you choose the right companies, but in today’s day and age, the cheaper options are often made to fail. Many businesses make their money off of fixing garage doors after they break from being cheaply made, or installed wrong. If you want to save yourself huge costs in the future, then getting your garage door professionally installed is highly recommended.  

garage door repair nanaimo alpha doors Summer Maintenance for Your Nanaimo Garage DoorEfficiency 

Hiring someone to install your garage door will save you time. Instead of learning how to install the garage door by doing research, watching videos, reading instructions, and learning from trial and error; you can simply pay someone to do it right the first time.  

The issue with relying on the internet to tell you if you can fix or install your garage door yourself, is that the internet doesn’t know what type of garage door you’re dealing with, or the complexity of the install. It’s understandable to want to cut down costs. But it’s important to consider the price difference between getting your garage professionally installed, and the possibility of paying for your garage to be fixed once you try to install it yourself. There’s a reason that there are people to install your garage door professionally. It’s best not to chance it. 

Nanaimo Garage Door Repair Service Broken Springs AlphaSafety 

Installing a garage door is a dangerous task. You require specific equipment, you have to be able to support the weight of the door, and more. Often times, when a garage door is being installed there are two workers that come to ensure the job is done safely. The risk of injury isn’t worth it. 

34 million people a year are injured or killed from attempting to install or fix their garage door. 

Contact us if you’re hoping to install a garage door. We can guarantee that it will be well done!

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