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How to Open Your Garage Door Without Power

How to Open Your Garage Door Without Power

Power outages happen…along with misplaced garage door remotes! Summer storms brew and lightning strikes or maybe an unfortunate accident wipes out a power line or transformer. Perhaps, your spouse or teenager drove the vehicle last and now your precious garage door remote is MIA! So what happens when you discover you have to open your garage door without power? Alpha Doors has the manual solutions you need to ensure you are not trapped or unable to open your garage door.

Find the Magic Cord: How To Open Garage Door Without Power

It is wise to familiarize yourself with all of your garage door components to ensure that you can keep your home and family safe and secure, regardless of what the weather or circumstances throw at you. There is a cord located on your garage door opener. Depending on the particular model, it will be located either straight down, straight back or on the front. In many cases, this cord is red in colour; however, if you only see one cord, this is most likely it. To open your garage door in a power outage, you will have to switch off the automatic opener to be able to manually operate and then pull the cord. It is essential to make this switch-over while the garage door is closed if possible as if it is open, it could potentially come crashing down abruptly.

Safety First!

You will have to have a sturdy ladder available to safely and accurately reach. Some garage door models have a battery backup that will allow them to work for a while without power. This can be helpful at first but if you experience a long term power outage or if the power is turned off to the property, you may be having to rely on you manual abilities in the meantime. In the event you are climbing ladders in the garage, we recommend telling a family member or your neighbour to stay extra safe.

Ladder Safety

If your ladder is not steady, try to borrow one or have a neighbour spot you while holding it securely on your behalf. These issues tend to happen when you have somewhere to be and it can be dangerous to be rushed and frustrated any time you are working on a concrete floor or working at heights. Keep kids and pets away from the area any time you are conducting garage door maintenance to avoid dangerous and potentially disastrous situations.

garage door repair alpha doors nanaimo Man by using remote opens garage

Alpha Doors Has Your Garage Door Solutions

If your garage door is failing because of mechanical issues, broken cables, broken springs, broken rollers or similar problems, we are happy to help! One call does it all with your Nanaimo’s favourite garage door services specialty team. We know how vital this piece of infrastructure is to your home or commercial building. It is one of your main security features and separates the street from your living or working space. Keeping your garage door healthy and functioning optimally is something we take pride in. Boost your privacy, security and resale value by ensuring that your garage door is superb.

Call Alpha Doors For Peace Of Mind

If your garage door is causing you grief, you have come to the right place! Our team has seen it all and we have the experience, customer service and the advice you need. Residential, commercial, strata or institutional, we are always happy to help our clients.

Contact us today for all of your garage door requirements! We are proud to be your Nanaimo garage door repair company.



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