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Nanaimo Garage Door Service for the 5 Most Common Causes of Garage Door Failure

Nanaimo Garage Door Service for the 5 Most Common Causes of Garage Door Failure


We all know the feeling- you’re running late, trying to remember everything as you head out the door and quickly click your garage door button.


Just what you needed when you were already short on time.

Why is My Garage Door Not Opening and Closing?

There are many reasons why your garage door may not be operating but we have found from experience that typically your garage door failure is related to one of these 5 reasons:

  • Spring Malfunction
  • Cable Malfunction
  • Photo-Eye Disruption
  • Roller and/or Track Failure
  • Transmitter and/or Receiver Issues

Before we dive into the individual common causes of garage door failure, the Alpha Door Team wants to remind you that garage doors can cause serious injury. The force created from the springs, cables and overall weight of the door can cause lacerations, breakages and worse. If you do not have experience working with garage doors, bring in a professional to deal with all major issues to ensure your safety.


Spring Malfunction

Garage doors are extremely heavy, so to help lift them into the air, most garage systems utilize torsion springs. These springs collect energy when they are wound up, which can be can be released or collected in a controlled manner to open and close the door. Over time, these springs will slowly lose their strength and eventually be unable to lift your garage door open.

Typical springs will last for 7-8 years, so if your door is failing to open, your springs may be old and have lost their energy or have outright snapped. The springs on a garage door are one of the most dangerous components of the system, so again, please call in a professional to deal with spring issues. Never try and change one on your own as the kinetic energy could suddenly release in your direction inflicting terrible damage.


Cable Malfunction

The stored energy of torsion springs is usually harnessed through cables that will do the actual lifting of your garage door. If your door is refusing to rise and your springs are not to blame, it is possible that a cable has snapped.

The cables on your garage door are under constant strain, so we encounter this issue often. Make sure you keep an eye on your cables, watching for frayed or broken components that could soon result in door failure.


Photo-Eye Disruption

Garage doors come with a safety feature that stops a door from closing fully if there is an obstruction under the door. Your garage door “knows” if there is something underneath if its “beam” is broken. A beam is created with two photo eyes that use a beam of infrared-light to communicate with each other. If the beam is unbroken, the door will rise and fall when asked. If a photo eye cannot detect the light source from the opposite eye, the door will not operate.

An obvious way the beam can become broken is if an object has been left under or near the door. Ensure the area is fully cleared and try to open the door again. If your door still fails to operate properly, clean the photo eyes and remove any dirt or debris. Another common reason the photo eyes may fail is if one has been bumped and they no longer lineup. They can be extremely finicky, so if you need help give us a call.


Roller and/or Track Failure

A garage door is guided up and down by rollers that follow metal tracks that run along the outside of the door. It is possible for a garage door to come “off track”, which is usually evident by your garage door slanting to one side or the other.

An additional problem can occur if the rollers or the track itself becomes damage, prohibiting the smooth up and down motion that you have come to expect from your garage. Relatively easy fixes for a professional, difficult to remedy on your own. If the track or the rollers are damaged they will have to be repaired or replaced. If your door is slanted and off track, it is actually quite dangerous to fix, even for a professional. In this situation, it is possible that the weight of the entire door could be dropped suddenly on your or a loved one. If you think you have track issues, you can give us a call right away and we will have it fixed in no time.


Transmitter and/or Receiver Issues

Issues with your transmitter or receiver can be one of the most frustrating issues for a homeowner. Your garage door looks intact, everything seems to be in order and yet, it refuses to open or close.

First things first. Check the batteries. This is a simple solution but more often than not, a lack of energy is the issue. If the door is still not opening or is moving sporadically, there is an issue with the opener, the gears, or a transmission system. When time is of the essence, look to enlist the help of a professional here. The Alpha Door Team has worked with almost every style of garage door system you can think of and can often figure your issue out in minutes.

A garage door that is acting up can be extremely frustrating and also a major security issue. If the components of the door are damaged or malfunctioning, someone may be able to access your garage and your home very easily.


Don’t risk your own safety and partner with a company that you trust to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Call Alpha Doors today and get back on track.


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