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A big welcome from Steven and Tina to our totally revamped website! We want you to explore and reach out to us and ask us any questions that you may have about it and our services. We hope you find it easy to read and find what you’re looking for. Your constructive opinions are always welcome.

Who We Are

We are very proud to share with you who we are as business people and ultimately how we live our lives. One thing we want you to know about us is how much we love our city and living on Vancouver Island. In our opinion, it is the most beautiful, peaceful place in the entire world. It’s the perfect place to raise our family and given a choice, we would always choose the Island. Wouldn’t you agree?

We have many years of experience when it comes to garage doors and we combine that with our passion for our community. We treat our clients like we would our own family. That dedication is what truly sets us apart from other companies. With Alpha Doors you know that you are getting an honest opinion because every service and repair we provide is backed by integrity and professionalism.


Community Involvement

An important part of our business is being connected to the communities that we serve. Recently we became patrons of the community theatre, and we are thoroughly enjoying it! There’s something about the energy of the actors and the audience that makes you feel inspired. We chose the Nanaimo Theatre Group because of their very apparent passion for theatre. The actors, writer, directors and office staff are all volunteering their time to make these wonderful productions. Not a single one of them is paid for all the hard work that they put into making these shows a success. That is passion! They survive by donations, some government funding and ticket sales. The plays are extremely well done. It is obvious they have put in many hours to create something special for our enjoyment.

Nanaimo Theatre Group - Supported by Alpha Doors Garage Door Service and Repair

Your Support

As part of this community we reach out for your support. The Nanaimo Theatre Group makes a great night out for a date or even a family outing. Consider supporting them in one of their upcoming shows. We want to promote those in the community that are doing great work. Supporting local community initiatives and small businesses is valuable to all members of the community and benefits us all. Consider supporting them yourself as well!

Nanaimo Theatre Shows - Supported by Alpha Doors!screen=supporters

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