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When Is the Best Time for Garage Door Maintenance?

When Is the Best Time for Garage Door Maintenance?

The best time for garage door maintenance is anytime. If you notice things are “off” with your garage door controller or the speed at which your garage door is opening and closing, there’s no sense in putting garage door maintenance off until the weather is warmer or until you have time to organize your garage. Don’t ignore the signs of your garage door malfunctioning—call up your local garage door specialist to have the defect looked at as soon as possible. The risk isn’t worth it.

What Risk?

Unfortunately, each year there are incidents of serious injury caused by garage doors where maintenance has been neglected.

If you don’t have any concerns about your garage door and don’t see any visible garage door defects, the best time for garage door maintenance is Spring. Springtime is the best time to either change your garage door system or have your local garage door repair expert give it a thorough tune-up.

The risk of your garage door malfunctioning (and possibly injuring someone) is much higher after a long winter where your garage door has been exposed to harsh conditions, that could potentially impact the functionality of your garage door! Although Nanaimo winters are typically mild, they can be cold, wet and humid—three conditions that when combined, can cause garage door parts to rust and/or mould.

These conditions can also impact your garage door opener, which should also be looked at by a local garage door expert every Spring or whenever it isn’t working properly. Keep your family safe and have your garage door looked at every Spring or whenever your garage door operations seem “off”.

Non focus scene winter season with branch of tree cover with white snow with background background door of garage and brick wall best time for garage door maintenanceAre There Any Other Risks?

If you prolong or neglect garage door maintenance, your home security could be compromised. Ensuring that your garage door is in tip-top condition can protect your home against theft and break-ins. Homeowners typically think about installing an alarm system to protect their residence, but too often forget about the secureness of their garage door which is a popular access point for break-ins. If you’re not on top of your garage door maintenance, then your home could be subjected to trespassers.

Best Time for Garage Door Maintenance: How Often?

Sometimes, the best time for garage door maintenance depends on the type of garage door part that needs to be looked into. It is recommended that you lubricate the hinges, springs, rollers, and tracks every three months. On the other hand, the garage rail only needs to be lubricated once per year (ideally in Spring or whenever things sound “creaky”).

Alpha Doors—Nanaimo’s Garage Door Repair Experts!

Proper garage door maintenance requires a team that is thorough, experienced and passionate about what they do. Our team—Alpha Doors—truly cares about doing a great job and wants to save you money; having garage door maintenance done once every year (or more if needed) can prevent costly repairs down the road. It also lessens the chance of your house getting broken into or you getting injured by a garage door malfunction.

Don’t put your family’s safety or home security at risk and give us a call today for your garage door repair needs!

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