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Four Reasons to Choose an Insulated Garage Door

Four Reasons to Choose an Insulated Garage Door

Energy-efficient garage doors that minimize heat loss have become quite a rage these days. These doors are available in different styles and sizes. Further, it is also possible to obtain them in varying designs and materials, a factor that has contributed significantly to the popularity of these doors. If you have been thinking of installing an insulated garage door, here are the top four reasons why you should do so without thinking twice.

Insulated Garage Doors Are Sturdier and Therefore, Long Lasting

Insulated garage doors are made by layering together single layer garage doors, a particular feature that makes them sturdier and more durable. In contrast, yesteryear garage doors feature panel frames encased in thin steel sheets, a design feature that makes these doors susceptible to scratches and damages. Further, the majority of insulated garage doors use either an aluminum or steel frame filled with solid core insulation sandwiched between single or dual steel panels. This design makes these doors energy-efficient, light in weight, as well as easy to maintain. Further, since insulated garage doors maintain moderate temperatures inside the door as well as around the opening mechanism area, varying components are at a lower risk of being affected by extreme weather conditions.

They Will Guard Your Cars Against Harsh Weather Conditions

Cold weather can significantly reduce your car’s battery life and negatively impact its engine, transmission, brake fluids, and wiring. Freezing can also lead to low tire pressure and several spark plug-related issues, which in turn, can lead to mishaps and accidents. Thus, it is imperative to protect your car against rough weather conditions. Insulated garage doors will protect your beloved cars from the effect of harsh weather conditions, primarily sub-zero temperatures.

Insulated Garage Doors Help save Energy and Your Power Bill

In modern-day homes, garages often connect with some part of the house, which happens to be a conditioned room above the garage in most cases. Sometimes, this connection between the garage and the home can also be a door that opens directly into the living space. In any case, it is no longer possible to see garages being not a part of one’s home. Therefore, keeping them insulated becomes crucial not just to protect one’s cars and vehicles from damages caused by harsh weather conditions, but also to protect one’s home from cold air. An insulated garage door will help to keep your home warm and therefore, your heaters doing less work, all of which will reflect in your power bill.

Insulated Garage Doors Create a Comfortable Environment Inside the Garage

For most homeowners, garages serve multiple purposes. They often double up as hobby zones or storerooms. Thus, adding an insulated garage door that helps maintain a comfortable environment inside the garage is a good idea. Generally, cold and unpleasant garages stay that way due to leaks around windows, doors, and the foundation. Similarly, single-layer aluminum doors could also be the big culprits. The good news is that it is possible to solve all these problems with simple measures. For instance, leaks between a garage foundation and doors can be mended through caulking, and it is possible to reduce heat loss through the use of rolled or blow-foam insulation.

insulated garage doorAn insulated garage door will prove to be advantageous in several different ways. However, when it comes to installing these doors, homeowners must choose to trust only an expert. Alpha Doors has served Northern Vancouver Island for 25 years now. Our team comprises experts and skilled technicians who work hard each day to keep our clients happy and satisfied.

If you have any queries regarding insulated garage doors or are planning to install one, reach out to us for any help and assistance.

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