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Add Value to Your Home With Faux Wood Garage Doors And Other Varieties  

Add Value to Your Home With Faux Wood Garage Doors And Other Varieties  

When you invest in a home it’s likely one of the largest investments you will ever make. However, taking care of your home doesn’t end with your purchase of it. To increase your home’s investment value you’ll need to improve various elements. Garage doors are one such way. Using faux wood garage doors and other varieties of garage doors can made a large impact on the value of a home. 

Below we detail some of the main ways garage doors boost your home’s value and why you should take the investment seriously. 

Faux Wood Garage Doors Increase Curb Appeal 

Firstly, a sizeable portion of a home’s façade is taken up by the garage space. In fact, the percentage of how much it space it commonly takes up hovers around 40%!  

Resultingly, this presents many excellent design opportunities to contribute to the desired look of your home. 

Choose bolder colours if your goals involve turning your garage door into a statement. Alternatively, there are numerous panel styles to choose from including faux wood garage doorsUnderstand that when prospective buyers look at your home, the exterior design and look will have major contributions to forming their first impression. 

Modern home exterior with modern garage doorsChoose a Garage Door That Complements Your Home 

It’s important to choose the right look for a garage door to complement the rest of your home’s exterior.  

For a Victorian or Colonial home, steel or wood carriage house garage doors are great picks, as are iron hinges, handles, and other decorative pieces. 

Modern and contemporary-style homes are typically best suited for garage doors with stained wood and pebble and powder-coated glass.  

Add Another Level of Safety to Your Home 

Garage doors are no longer simple doors with basic locks. New ones can come equipped with various helpful pieces of technology to keep you, your family, and prospective buyers safe. 

As an example, sensors on the garage door rails can be installed that prevents the door from closing when an object, vehicle, pet, or person is in the way.  

Even garage door lock systems have changed. Some locks can connect with your smartphone to unlock the door remotely for family, friends, or even delivery workers. 

Don’t underestimate the value of a good garage door. Many varieties, including faux wood garage doors, can positively contribute to a home’s value in a multitude of ways. 



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