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Garage and Garage Door Installation in Nanaimo BC: Should You Consider it?

Garage and Garage Door Installation in Nanaimo BC: Should You Consider it?

With spring here and summer around the corner, we’re embracing the change in temperatures and welcoming the fresh summer weather! Winter can be beautiful here on the Island. There are lots of great memories to reminisce about – building snowmen, celebrating Christmas with our families and clearing all the snow and ice off our cars. Wait, not that last one? We’re confident no one loves waking up extra early to warm up their car and scrape all the snow and ice off. What about clearing copious amounts of leaves off your car in the spring and fall months? Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a nice, safe, bird and snow-free area to park your car? But what if your home doesn’t have a garage – would it be over the top to add one on? No, it wouldn’t. It would be a pretty sound idea. Keep reading to find out why you should consider a garage and garage door installation in Nanaimo BC.  

  • Keeps your vehicles and personal belongings safe 
  • Keeps your vehicles out of the weather, saving time and money 
  • Adds value to your home

Adding Garage to House: Keep Your Vehicles Safe 

It’s a rare neighborhood that is completely exempt from thieves and vandalism. Keeping your car in a garage means you’ll be able to keep your vehicles, and extra personal belongings such as snow blowers, lawn mowers and even an extra deep freeze, safe from weathering and suspicious neighborhood activity.  

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Save Time and Money  

Garage and garage door installation in Nanaimo BC also means saving time. You’ll be able to save time clearing off your car in the winter or starting it ahead of time to warm it up before you leave. It also means your car will be protected from the elements.  

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In the summer, your car’s paint job will last longer since it won’t be subjected to harsh UV rays that can cause it to dull or peel. It also means you won’t have to wash your car as frequently. If your car is subject to collecting a lot of dirt and dust from living on a busy road, or if birds frequently use it as target practice, you’ll save time and money washing your car by storing it inside.  

Garage Door Installation in Nanaimo BC | Alpha DoorsAdding Garage to House: Increase Your Home’s Value 

Lastly, adding a garage to your home can add value to your home by enhancing curb appeal and adding to your total available living space. Adding to your home’s value can save you money in the long run, making it a great investment for homeowners.  

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Garage Door Installation in Nanaimo BC 

If you’re installing a garage onto your home, we recommend hiring a trustworthy and experienced garage door service company in Nanaimo BC. The team at Alpha Doors would be more than happy to share our expertise to ensure your garage door installation in Nanaimo BC goes smoothly to help you enjoy the benefits of having a safe and convenient garage.  


Contact Alpha Doors to find out more about garage door services in Nanaimo BC. 

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