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Your Nanaimo Garage Door, Just Like New With a Coat of Paint

Your Nanaimo Garage Door, Just Like New With a Coat of Paint

The Climate has a huge impact on the quality and life of exterior paint. Your garage keeps your vehicles and many of your belongings safe from the elements. Your garage is both a functional and aesthetic part of your house, so with that in mind, it’s important to maintain it and that also means keeping it touched up.

Alpha Doors did some digging to help you maintain your garage door. There are several things to consider before beginning the project. For the best results, take a look at our list of considerations and contact a professional today.

  1. Types of paints
  2. Paint colour
  3. Surface & material of your garage door
  4. Time of year
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1. Types of paint for your Nanaimo garage door

Most paints are designed for indoor paint jobs, so finding the correct exterior paint type that is right for your door and will withstand the outdoor conditions is important for the longevity.

Oil-based or acrylic exterior paints are usually the best choices for your garage door. These types of paints are designed to withstand Nanaimo’s changing climate, from the humid summers to the cold winters. 

2. Choosing a Paint Colour for your Nanaimo Garage Door

When choosing the right colour for your garage door, consider the longevity of the paint colours, as well as the exterior colour of your home. A professional well done paint job will boost the aesthetics, and even the value, of your home.

What are the pros and cons of light and dark colours? Lighter shades and colours won’t fade as easily or quickly, but darker shades will need to be reapplied. Either way, it’s important that the colour compliments your home’s exterior. 

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3. The Surface & material of your Nanaimo Garage Door

There are a variety of garage door materials, as well as surfaces and designs to consider before you can begin your paint job. Unlike smooth indoor walls, exterior garage doors contain several grooves and edges. There may be more wear and tear where it meets the ground and slides open.

Garage doors will also collect dirt and grim that will build up and become harder to clean. It is essential that your garage door is properly and thoroughly cleaned to ensure a smooth and complete paint job.

4. The Time of Year and Weather

The weather forecast and the time of your is important to consider. If it’s too hot, too cold, or too humid; the paint job will be negatively affected. It’s essential that the weather remains mild over the following few days while it properly dries. Paint jobs usually need at lease 12-24 hours to dry and they often need more than one coat of paint, as well as exterior primers.

If the weather is not cooperative, or if the paint job is not done well, bare spots, blotches, or bubbles are likely problems. At the end of the day, a professional paint job will look great, defend against weather conditions and provide a clean and attractive focal point.


Garage Door Expert Advice


Always check your door manufacturers warranty, before painting. Some require specific paints to be used (usually a high quality latex) to keep warranty from being voided.
If there is a vinyl overlay on your door, a paint with a light reflective value (LRV) of 38 or higher should be used. Any dark, especially black colours should also be LRV paints to protect against de-lamination or the steel skin of the door breaking away from the insulation.

For all your garage door needs and inquires; give Steve a call at 250-758-7456 or contact Alpha Doors today.


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