Garage Door Services for Spring

Spring is around the corner here in Nanaimo! As temperatures start to rise, it’s the perfect time to have your garage door serviced. A garage door is a big investment. While you may not consider it when it’s working, having a garage door that fails to open or close can be frustrating – especially if your car is stuck inside! We recommend the following spring garage door services to keep it running smoothly all year round!  

Regular Garage Door Services  

In hindsight, especially after an extensive garage door repair, many homeowners find themselves wondering how to avoid costly garage door repairs. The simple answer? Regular maintenance! Small problems fixed early on can save you money in the long run. We recommend a minimum of one yearly scheduled maintenance checkup. Your annual checkup should include inspecting the springs, garage door sensors, and gears, cables, rollers, any damaged sections and garage door remotes. Regular garage door services can ensure your investment continues to work reliably all year long.  

Garage Door Services | Alpha Doors
Garage Door Repair Service

If your garage door isn’t currently working, we know how frustrating it can be! Leaving for work on an already rushed morning just to find out your car is stuck inside can be irritating. Or even if your garage door is working, but you notice unusual sounds, such as grinding, we recommend booking a garage door repair service as soon as possible. 

Leave it to the Professionals  

Garage door repairs may seem like a DIY task, however, we don’t recommend it. Besides taking up your time and being potentially frustrating, working on your own garage door can be dangerous. Your garage door is particularly counterbalanced and heavy and demands proper repairs and maintenance to keep working reliably. We recommend contacting Alpha Doors to take care of all your garage door maintenance needs safely and efficiently!   

Contact Alpha Doors to have your garage door serviced this spring!  

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