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How Do I Remove Rust from my Garage Door? 

How Do I Remove Rust from my Garage Door? 

Is your garage door starting to rust? Seeing the early signs of a rusting garage door can be frustrating for any homeowner. If you’re wondering “why does a garage door rust?” or “how do I remove rust from my garage door?” keep reading! The team at Alpha has compiled answers to a few frequently asked questions about garage door rust.  

What are the Signs of a Garage Door Starting to Rust? 

This may seem like an obvious question. One of the early signs of a rusting garage door is, you guessed it, rust. However, in addition to watching for surface rust, more concerning is rust that has penetrated through the steel into whatever substrate is there. This can harm the structural integrity of your door. 

Why Does a Garage Door Rust? 

Another common question we get is “why does a garage door rust?”. There’s a myriad of factors that could cause your garage door to rust. From the moisture in the air during rainy or humid seasons to the salt you likely spread on your driveway during the icy, chillier months. As your garage door ages, it is also more susceptible to rusting.  

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How Do I Remove Rust from My Garage Door? | Alpha DoorsHow Do I Remove Rust From My Garage Door? 

Most importantly, if you’ve discovered your garage door is rusting, you’re likely wondering “how do I remove rust from my garage door?”. You can remove the rust from your garage door using a scraper and an electric sander with coarse grit sandpaper. Remove any large paint flakes with the scraper, and then continue removing the rust with the electric sander. 

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We recommend repairing dents or holes with a metal bonding agent. After filling the holes, let the bonding agent dry completely, then sand until smooth with sandpaper. Then, wipe the surface with warm water and TSP to ensure the surface is clean. After, your garage door is ready for a fresh coat of paint.  

Nanaimo Garage Door Repair Services 

If you’re still wondering “how do I remove garage rust from my garage door?”, feel free to contact the team here at Alpha Doors. We’d be more than happy to help you assess your garage door, and get it working seamlessly again!  


Contact Alpha Doors today to find out more about how you can stop your garage door from rusting further. 


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