Garage Door Re-Fitting – Is It Time?

5 reasons why updating your garage door should be the next home improvement you make

Picture yourself in your car as you turn the corner onto your street. Slowly you approach your home and turn into the driveway; what is the first thing that catches your eye? If the door to your garage is positioned at the front of your home, it will be the first impression presented to all guests and potential future buyers. A typical garage door takes up 20 to 40% of the visible exterior of a home from the street view, drastically impacting the overall appearance and attractiveness of your most precious investment. If your garage door is beginning to look weathered or it is just not working like it used to, it might be time to consider refitting your garage with a new door. Here are five reasons why a re-fit should be the next renovation you consider for your household:

Increase the Value of Your Nanaimo Home

Not all home improvements will significantly increase the overall value of your home but enhancing the curb appeal of your property with a brand new garage door is an investment with considerable returns. By modernizing your garage door you can expect a return of investment in the range of 80%, up to an impressive 170%. This home improvement will allow you to recover a larger portion of money than almost any other upgrade you can make to your home. There are many contemporary materials and styles to choose from that will make your home stand out from your neighbours, catching eyes and increasing demand.

Protect Your Home and Your Family

Most homeowners don’t realize that about 10% of all break-ins occur because a burglar was able to gain access to a home through the garage door. Homes with older doors are actually targeted due to the fact that they are much less secure and easier to open by force. Many garage door companies previously manufactured doors with a simple single lock. These are easily cut out or completely drilled through, giving a criminal instant access to your home. Older models are also exposed at the top of the door where it meets the frame. Today, modern garage doors are fitted with multiple complex locks and robust security bars to thwart the burglar’s tools from disrupting the integrity of the opening.

Even if your older garage door is electronically controlled and locked, you still may not be safe. Previously, remote controlled garage doors did not utilize rolling code technology, sending out the same signal to open the door during every operation. This means a home invader can easily open your door by intercepting this electronic code, to utilize for their own use later. A secure, modern garage door installed correctly by a professional is the best defence against potential home invaders.

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Control the Temperature and Reduce Costs

Many garage units are built attached to the home they service, often a common entrance for the occupants of said home. If you and your family are constantly opening the door between your garage and your main home, the air from the garage will be affecting the temperature inside. In the peak of the summer a garage can be sweltering and during the deep freezes of a winter a garage can feel like a massive walk-in freezer. If extremely hot or cold air is rushing into your home, your heating and cooling systems will constantly be working overtime to keep the main temperature at a normal level. This results in inflated energy bills at the end of every month, which no one enjoys.

A new garage door that is insulated and professionally installed to fight against the outside elements will keep your garage temperature more stable. Once heated or cooled, your garage will hold this temperature and when the door to the main home is opened, there is less of a shock on your system. This will save you potentially thousands of dollars down the road on your bills and reduce the overall carbon footprint of your household.

Expand Your Living Space in Nanaimo

Now that your stylish new garage door is attracting more attention from the neighbours and the temperature is at the perfect level, you can finally use your garage! Game room? Work station? Home gym? The options are endless. Everyone wants more liveable space in their home and once again you will be increasing the value of your home by adding this extra utility in the garage.

Less Maintenance Costs and Frustrations

We all know the feeling that comes after a hard day at work, when you just want to get inside your home and settle in for the evening. You hit the remote to open your garage and the door doesn’t budge. You are faced with another headache you don’t want to deal with that is going to leave your wallet a little lighter than it was that morning. Everyone who is the owner of an older garage door has been here. The motor needs a new part that they no longer make or an obscure chain has decided to snap after many difficult years of service. These issues will begin to happen more frequently with the cost of repairs likely growing each time. We usually don’t recommend DIY garage door service, but if you want to give it a try, ensure you are doing it properly. A new door installed the right way will leave you headache free, with little to no maintenance to worry about for many years to come.

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