How to Keep Your Garage Clean

If the inside of your garage is looking more like a pawn shop someone abandoned it’s time to do some cleaning. But where do you start? How do you start? Luckily, cleaning your garage isn’t much different than cleaning the rest of your house. Add a garage floor drain and follow our simple tips and you’re sure to actually have space for your vehicle or at least your main items stored nicely. 

Why Your Garage Needs a Garage Floor Drain 

Whether it’s rainwater, or melted snow having a garage floor drain is immensely helpful to prevent cracks from forming in your garage floor. This is especially true if your home sits on the slanted side of a road that’s known for collecting a lot of water.  

When water pools it seeps into the cracks of the concrete it sits on and weakens not only your garage floor but also your foundation. Plus, if your garage has drywall of any kind excess water can also grow mildew.

By installing a garage floor drain you can prevent this damage by safely draining away any water that gets into your garage.

Create Dedicated Storage Space for Sports Gear 

If you haven’t tripped over sports gear just thrown in the garage you’re bound to at some point without any storage methodThere are plenty of wall storage options to hang gear on, but you can also purchase or even make a cabinet that stores all that gear neatly for you. 

We recommend hanging up longer items like hockey sticks and putting smaller items like soccer balls into cubbies. 

Organized garage workbenchSet Up Adjustable Storage for Tools 

There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to find the thing you’re looking for, especially when it comes to tools. An easy way to prevent that from happening is by mounting wall storage that can easily be adjusted to fit more or fewer tools. 

Doing this will also free-up your workbench to give you more space to actually work in too.  

Dedicate Space for Car Tools and Cleaning 

Car tools like jacks, impact wrenches, and others can often take up a lot of space in your garage when not stored effectively. Set up a dedicated space just for car tools, cleaning objects like rags and wax, and other helpful things like oil pans and spare parts.  

When it comes to cleaning up your garage, don’t look at it like everything needs to be organized all at once. Focus on separating and categorizing tools and equipment and gathering them together so you can allocate the appropriate space for organizing them. You might not need a whole wall to store your tools if they can actually fit in storage you already have. 



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