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Garage or No Garage? Should You Keep Your Vehicle Inside?

Garage or No Garage? Should You Keep Your Vehicle Inside?

Shakespeare once famously wrote, “To park your car in the garage, or to not park your car in the garage…that is the question”.

Ok, perhaps it was something a little different, however if the great poet was alive today, he would surely ponder the question. What’s the difference between parking your vehicle in a garage and parking it outside in a driveway? Turns out there’s a big difference.

Do you currently use your garage to store eight too many lawn chairs that sit on top of various boxes full of tools, winter boots and Christmas lights? Perhaps your home doesn’t yet have a garage and you are considering adding one in the future. Well, here are five reasons why it’s a great idea to clear out your junk or add on that garage so you can park indoors.


Mother Nature can have a bit of a temper once in a while, especially in Nanaimo. If you currently park your vehicle outside you may be an expert at scraping snow and ice off of your car. If you’re not an expert scraper, you must have mastered the “quick dash to the car during a rainstorm” maneuver. Getting soaked as you make your way to your vehicle is especially inconvenient if you are on your way to work or a formal event.

If your car was parked in your garage, you would simply stroll out of your home and into your car. No scraping, no dashing, no wet shoes.


A vehicle in a garage is much safer than a vehicle parked in a driveway or out on the road. By keeping your vehicle behind lock doors, it is out of the reach of criminals on the street who can be in and out of your vehicle with your valuables in under 20 seconds.

Do you keep a remote garage door opener in your car? Well if you park outside, you are potentially handing the keys to your home to a burglar. Once they have access to your garage, not only can they take anything of value from that area, but it is also more likely they will be able to gain access to your main living space.

Don’t forget the 10-15 seconds it takes you to walk to your car when it is parked in your driveway. During that time you are exposed to a criminal who may be waiting outside your home. It is much safer to exit your home from the safety of your vehicle than on foot.

Fresh and Clean

Everyone loves having a sparkling, freshly cleaned vehicle. Not everyone loves washing their vehicle, or paying for a car wash. By keeping your car in a garage instead of outside, it will stay cleaner for much longer, safe from whatever giant bird that enjoys using your car as an outhouse. Less dirt and debris exposure, and money saved on car washing. Chaulk up another point for Team Parking in the Garage.

Keep it Looking New

We spend hundreds of dollars trying to make ourselves look younger with creams and oils; help your car out too and pull into the garage! By parking inside, you protect your vehicle from the harmful UV rays of the sun and acid rain, which can make paint fade and plastics deteriorate.

Aside from avoiding faded paint, you also won’t have to worry about any of the other dangers the outside world wants to throw at your vehicle. High winds can toss your neighbour’s garbage can at your vehicle or cause trees and limbs to fall with force onto the roof. Hail can dent your exterior and even damage your windshield. Prolonged exposure to rain increases the likelihood of rust. Are you convinced yet? Ok one more reason.

Potentially Lower Insurance

When receiving a quote from an insurer, they will likely ask where you park your vehicle during the day and at night. Parking on a street is the worst option, obviously, while parking in a driveway will yield a lower priced quotation. Some insurers will offer even further discounts to those customers who park their cars safely away in a locked garage.

Just to review, by parking your vehicle in a garage you will be creating a safer environment for you and your car, you can save money on insurance and car washing, AND your car with look newer and cleaner for longer.

Sounds like an obvious choice to us! Set aside a Saturday and clear out a space for your vehicle in your garage to reap all the benefits listed above. Donate the items you don’t need anymore and store the rest in another area of your home. What if your garage door isn’t operating as it should? Not a problem, give us a call at Alpha Doors and we will have your door opening and closing like it’s brand new!

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