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Garage Door Weather Stripping: Preparing for Nanaimo Winters

Garage Door Weather Stripping: Preparing for Nanaimo Winters


Your home’s garage door weather stripping has a tough job. Especially now that the weather is cooling down in Nanaimo.

Your home’s garage door weather seal prevents the elements from entering through the openings. As winter approaches, the chances of water, snow and cold air seeping into your garage door become greater. If you’re a homeowner in Nanaimo, we encourage you to ensure your weather stripping is in working condition, and if not, replacing or installing new garage door weather stripping side and top can prevent future damage to your home.

What is Weather Stripping?

Garage door weather stripping also called garage door weather seals, is the material you’ll find on the top, bottom and sides of your garage door. This long material fills in any gaps between your garage door and the frame around it. It can be made from a variety of materials, and ideally should be maintained throughout the year.

In the summer, weather stripping garage doors help to keep cool air inside your garage. In the winter, it helps keep water and rain out, while maintaining your Nanaimo home’s internal temperature. It works both as an insulator, and protector for the elements.

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Winter Weather And Your Garage Door Weather Seal

Constant exposure to the elements means your garage weather stripping can become damaged and brittle. This is especially true in the winter. At Alpha Doors, we’ve been providing garage door maintenance service to Nanaimo residents for over 20 years and we’ve noticed that as winter approaches, garage weather stripping can be more susceptible to damage. This could be from cold temperatures making some weather stripping materials more susceptible to cracking or other damage.

Small rodents or pests can also damage your garage door seal. In this case, cold air and water can make its way in between the door and frame. Once this occurs, any icy layer can materialize, cementing your door in place. If you’re returning from a long day at work, or in a rush to get out the door in the morning, there’s nothing worse than realizing your garage door won’t open! Remember, if this ever happens, give the Alpha Team a call and have it fixed ASAP.

Book a Garage Door Weather Stripping Inspection

Ensuring your garage door weather stripping on the top, bottom and sides of your garage door are in good condition means your garage and home will be insulated and further protected from the elements.

If you need help with the repairs or modification of your garage door give the Alpha Team a call.

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